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About us

     yaowei gift Enterprise Co., Ltd, established in 2001, is located in the world’s famous manufacturing base Dongguan, China.

    Our main products are woven bag, gift bag, foldable bag, lanyards, phone pockets, belt, luggage straps, etc. which were sold to both local market and oversea countries as promotional items. Being 10 years in this field and after expanding step by step, we have achieved all the experience in producing these promotion items and have also become one of the biggest lanyard/phone pocket producers in China. Thousands of household brands, such as: Disney, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, BMW, Merced Benz, Coca Cola, Pepsi, FedEx, Sony, Canon, Honda, Samsung, have been attracted to cooperate with us because of the competition which was made by the faith we always believe: innovation, truth, efficiency and teamwork.

     We guarantee 100% responsibility to every client ,Any information about the products, please contact via Email, telephone, fax and online message.. NO:ICP10045897
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